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Chronology of events

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2008 - 2011

● From 2008 to 2012, the company founder was starting the business. He made extensive investigations and researches to determine the right industrial direction. The technical, operational and management capabilities of a professional team were shown to considerable effect

● In Feb.2012, SCI was established to start the business of carbon industry construction services in Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shandong and India.
● In May 2012, the company’S first project was formally launched



● In Mar.2013, with the signing of the contract of Petroleum Coke Calcination Project in Kazakhstan, SCI took its place among companies capable of undertaking large intermational indu ustrial furnace projects.
● In May 2013, the company gained its status as a certifed exporter.

● In Nov.2014 the SCI obtained the“Dual Use Items and Technology Export Business Qualification Registration”which was granted with the approval of Ministry of Commerce, thus enabling the company to export sensitivity items under national control. The company got the right to export for the lran project.
● In November, the company was certified as National High-tech Enterprise.



● In Mar.2015, the company took part in the Delayed Coking Reconstruction Project of Kazakhstan Petrochemical Plant by carrying out steady cooperation with NFC, thus expanding its business scope to chemical industry.
● In Jan. In March, the company moved into a new office bu jilding, entering a new stage of development.
● In Dec.2015, delayed coking project smooth completed, and got high praise of owners

● In Feb.2016, the Kazakhstan Sulfur Recovery Unit Project was formally launched.
● In Mar.2016,the Kazakhstan Petroleum Coke Calcination Project entered the trial production stage, showing that this large scale project was nearly finished.
● In Aug.2016, the technical service of India GOA Company Coke Calcination project with an annual output of 300,000 tons was completed.



● In January: The company obtained ISO certificates and many honors.
● In March:“Comprehensive Uilization Project of 150,000 TPA Aluminum Anode" lau unched fficalaly.
● In June to August: The company obtained many qualifications for construction general contracting and information system integration, and rated as grade AAA credit enterprise.

● In January: Involved in the RTR project in the Democratic Repu ublic of Congo, Africa.
● In May, established strategic partnership with CNPC


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