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With regard to age, SCI is a young enterprise. But the tailblazers of the industry, having amassed much experience after their long engagement in the profession, have left behind great spinitual power and material wealth for the descendants. In the growth process of the company, SCI, with unique idea and fast development, is a tremendous follower of the trends.

After years of experience, SCI has expanded its business scope to cover the whole process of industrial production, from designing to industrial production. With experience accumulated through large multinational programs and through its own effort, SCI would become an emerging enterprise by“drawing on the advantages of complete technical services and nonferrous metallurgy technology and integrating multiple abilties, including national, support, market development, research design and project construction.'

The company is comitted to constructing a "Small Size Giant Enterprise" with profound meaning. It is trying to explore the way of survival and the development that is suitable for its characteristics. Following the examples of the leading practitioners of the industry and being in line with the management idea featuring“Respect, commitment, improvement and sincerity”, it strives to - in the near future - take its place as one of the top domestic industrial engineering technology serice providers. Based on this goal, the company sincerely hopes that, by creating and developing together with its peers, the development of related fields both at home and abroad will grow and thrive.

Adhering to the spinit of daring to break through and constant innovation, SCI strives to improve its abilties. With its roots in China, the company focuses on the development of relevant markets in emerging economies alongside the“One Belt One Road”. It strives to reach the world's advanced level in the professional field and to become a national leading figure. SCI creates lasting, real vall Je for investors in China and around the world, meanwhile creating personal growth and development opportunties for the employees.“ SCI" strives to, in the near future, make its ambitious goal of becoming an infl lential integrated indl strial company come true, which is welcomed and respected in China and throughout the word.

In the future, SCI is supposed to be a company striving to create a new industial world by joining hands with industrial elites.

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