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Relying on the advantages of human resources and market demand, SCI makes unremitting efforts through persistent explorations and has gradually become a company specified in carbon technologies. With its business covering chemical and energy industries, the SCI integrates the R&D of complete technologies, technology transfer, technology consulting, complete equipment supply, project management, construction, and production technology service, providing an all-round engineering and technology services.

After years of achievements, unremitting efforts and exploration, SCI has developed five core technologies, which are SCI new type vertical shaft furnace complete technology, SCI open type baking furnace complete technology, large rotary kiln complete technology, automation control technology and delayed coking technology, which had laid a foundation for our company to survive in the fierce competition.

SCI is cooperating with designing institutions of metallurgy, electricity and petrochemical industries, is the technical partner of China Non-ferrous Metal Industry’s Foreign Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd. (NFC) and domestic related fields in various colleges and universities, and is becoming an important part in the service chain of major construction projects in the metallurgy and petrochemical industries in Eastern Europe, Western Asia and South Asia.

Adhering to the spirit of daring to break through and constant innovation, SCI strives to improve its abilities. With its roots in China, the company focuses on the development of relevant markets in emerging economies alongside the “One Belt One Road”. It strives to reach the world's advanced level in the professional field and to become a national leading figure. “SCI” strives to, in the near future, make its ambitious goal of becoming an influential integrated industrial company come true, which is welcomed and respected in China and throughout the world.