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Future Development

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In recent years, SCI gradually expanded its development focus from Central Asia to the global market following the national strategy of“the Belt and Road”world.

Our company has been making significant efforts to promote the development and application of nonferrous industry technology, and at the same time, putting more emphasis on long-term development. We have actively cooperated with domestic and foreign industry companies for upgrading key technologies. High quality and efficiency of modern industry is realized by introducing advanced production process and strict production standard in the world.

SCI presents“Chinese T echnology, Made in China”overseas and introduces advanced technologies in the world to China by international trade and construction of information platform, to bring new strength into industrialdevelopment in China.

Industry for the development of the Country
SCI has been developing and innovation in fields of technology and engineering. Meanwhile, our company focuses on the developing entity economy. Adopting the most advanced technology in China, Liaoyang comprehensive utilization project of Alumina anode and steam is now under construction to lay a solid foundation for the long term development of the company.

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