Carbon Technology

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After years of accumulation in carbon industry, and managing to meet requirements of technology progress, SCI has conducted long-term and in-depth study on carbon technology. In particular, we have leamed new ideas and advanced technologies from large anode factories across the globe; therefore, we have optimized and improved the process and supporting facilties in accordance with results of numerical simulations and actual effects in production sites, and have fuflled the market demands with our energy-saving and high quality produ ucts.

The Kazakhstan Petroleum Coke Calcination Project, supported by the core technologies, equipment and commissioning services of SCI, was put into production successully. The project has not only met expected requirements on productivity and parameters but also gotten high economic benefts. This project has gained recognitionof its Owner and state-level praises of Kazakhstan, inclu lding Mr.Nazarbayev, the President of Kazakhstan. We had gained recognition for the implementation of China-Kazakhstan capacity ooperation strategy.

SCI supplied furnace parts and provided technical consultation and commissioning service for Sanvira Petroleum Coke Calcination Project in Hyderabad, India. This project is located in Chatametta, Vizagapatnam, India. Phase one and Phase two of the shaft kiln project had been completed and put in to production successfully.

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