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Corporate Culture

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Lots of history can cultivate a little
bit of tradition,
Lots of tradition can cultivate a little
bit of culture.


     —— From Reflection of the River
                       Cam witten by Zhipan Chen

SCI technical team members, are trilblazers of the industry in the past forty years as well as disseminators of profession. while carying out technical innovation constantly for the company, SCI have iherited its rich experience and technology to later generations. This Inheritance- based" spitual hertage ensures continuous growth of the company.

SCI Technical experts are creative on their core technology and constantly make progress. Over the past few years, not only have made numerous patents of invention and new practical technologies in the industry, we also have in possession of our independent itelletual properties on various key technologies.

This pioneering spirit has become the corporate culture that is helpful to our development.

Under new market situation, the company is feeling constantly that the relationship between the enterprise and employees shall be business partners sharing a common fate, a "destiny community' of mutual achievement.

The original intention of taking "people first" as corporate culture is to respect talents, partners, peers and customers.

Whie socking our cwndevlorrent. SCI commits t social rcsposibilt as well. We partdipatc in publo welfaro undetakings activcly and setup" SCI Education Funds" to make our contib. tiom to the a tivation of more talents tor the ind. stry andaur naticn.

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