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Team Advantages 

Based on the market demand and the specialty of our teams, our company has invited experienced

front-line technical experts from design institutes, research institutes, and large factories. These experts constitute our sectors of technology, equipment, refractory materials preparation,construction,

production and technical training and services. All these sectors are under the leadership of our

company, which are flexible and are able to complement each other to meet market demands. All these factors allow us to offer the best team to meet our customers’ requirements ranging from designing

to trial production.




Technical Advantages 

Our company always emphasizes technical innovations and advancement. Through years of experiences

and learning, our teams have achieved a significant number of domestic and foreign advanced engineering

and technological achievements. On this basis, we have founded a new path of development and formed

its unique technology-centered core competitiveness. This allows the subsequent engineering programs

to access a solid technical support and has laid a foundation for our company to survive in the fierce competition.




 Service Advantages 

The traditional idea of apprenticeship model is replaced by the newer on-site technical guidance. We combine

theories with practices, coordinate the operation training with commissioning, debugging and production

services. Therefore, we have effectively improved the operational skills of our technical personnel, and provide our clients with all-round service for smooth industrial transformation. 



  Conceptual Advantages

  With the foundation made of our professional technical team, we have integrated the production processes 

  of designing,procurement, construction, test run, trial  production and training to reduce the 
  engineering costs effectively; we have also avoided the potential issues of unclarity caused by 
  various procedures operate by different companies. With the most advanced engineering concept, 
  we provide  services of the best quality.
  Whenever a project is finished, we will provide a  turn-key solution and be permanently responsible.